Thursday, March 13, 2014

Springtime in the Country Blog Hop

Welcome, y'all. Long ago, I created this blog for my western erotic romances. Finally, I have wonderful reason to git 'er going. That is, the Springtime in the Country Blog Hop

Beginning with Gene Autry and his horse, Champion, I grew up on a steady diet of TV and Silver Screen Westerns -- from Roy Rogers to The Lone Ranger to Bonanza to Disney's Zorro to Rawhide to Bat Masterson to The Texan, and a whole lot more.

Being a horse lover with no horse, I couldn't resist, not to mention I had growing-up crushes on some of the heroes. And, while I adored the hero cowboys, lawmen, gunslingers, ranchers, and their western adventure worlds, there was always one vital element missing. That is, the HAPPILY EVER AFTER ROMANCE.

Yes, the riding off into the sunset, with no heroine, had to be stopped!

However, given an odd bent to my character, and my over active imagination, I only write in the paranormal subgenres: shapeshifter, futuristic, parallel worlds, fantasy, magick, sci fi, time travel -- or as I think of it: OtherWorlds, OtherTimes, and OtherRealms.

The story, the world building, and the settings of my western erotic romances are a fusion of subgenres. Simply put, and being a headstrong Aries, I enjoy creating my fictional worlds the way I want them -- or the way I envision and create the cultures, the societies  for my heroines and heroes.

I've never had a desire to be limited by anyone else's concept and/or rules. Inspired, yes, always, but not limited.

Of course, it's my heroines and heroes who rule. Their love story is what I love writing the best.

Also, from Author, Sara Walter Ellwood

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Wishing you ridin' and ropin' romance on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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